Pier at Biloxi
Biloxi, Mississippi

Individually printed
UV archival ink
Acid-free, metallic paper
Designed to outlast the next century

Available sizes
~ 5.6x3.5-inch image on 7x5-inch sheet
~ 7x4.5-inch image on 10x8-inch sheet
~ 11x7-inch image on 16x12-inch sheet
Pier at Biloxi
In the midst of a road trip along the gulf coast, Andy and his dad stopped in Biloxi to take photos of the beachfront including the iconic lighthouse and pier. Andy took several photos of the pier, patiently worked his way from the beach onto the pier itself. Ultimately, holding the camera out front of his body, he took this perfectly aligned view showing the details and beauty of the pier, the ocean, and the horizon.